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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 17, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> we are less than 48 hours away from [indiscernible] san francisco's biggest race and biggest party in this year, there are more [indiscernible], no large backpacks, bags, containers or unregistered runners. new rules have thinkers some. >> no restrictions, i am added to restrictions.>>it is sad we cannot carry bag fax and i heard you cannot bring your own dogs. i don't think we need to put that money restrictions on they breakers. >> more on how many party regulars are changing plans.
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>>in certain areas around alamo sq., park, one of two spots a shown on [indiscernible] during the beta breakers. the shooter restrictions scares some party runners off of the course. bags and backpacks larges unless one aren't allowed. dozens of party people have gone on one instructing patients to go to party locations such as alamo sq., park the first of three areas that could be more cries sunday because of the new rules. alamo sq., park is 2 miles of the race second prime area as a matter of walks away from the first. the panhandle golden gate park a section where public urination is, on race day and finally homes are prime locations for house parties and djs in backyards of parking lots.
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what it comes to finding or avoiding this, i will most part. with the homeroom and panhandle, party planners have brought equipment to the area preparation for the festivities. jr stone, kron4 news. >>and kron4 will bring you the fun starting at 8 am sunday morning we will have cameras and cruise along the course giving you two hours of coverage. sunday, may 19. the author of free dental care is going to draw thousands of people to the san jose convention center this weekend. we are their live tonight with a mind that is long. jeff. >> hundred and 50 people have gathered to take their spot so they could get all sorts of gentle work done tomorrow. dental work they would not be able to afford otherwise. >>no dental insurance, no
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medicaid, no state insurance, you get what you can. >>just one look at the sex. you can see why patients like this are coming to get 36. >> i feel fortunate for them to have the convention to be able to come in and get work that otherwise could not afford. >> volunteers were busy setting up for the weekend ahead the dentist and hygienist are donating their time and experience to help those in need. >> i was sitting there consoling someone in tears because she was in so much pain right now and these people don't have options or places to go and we have lost our safety net in california and we have lost the adult dental program. >> i can't chew food, i am in pain, it is hard to my kids. >>and i am ecstatic and
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grateful for these people, they are also bound there are so many people out here that ain't got money ortiz and i am one of them. i will be able to eat regular food again, have higher self- esteem and feel better about myself. >> you could hear the voices of those in need, how for the services, the doors open at 5 am and organizers said they plan to treat 2000 people this weekend. i just wish live in san jose, kron4 news. >> a shooting on 880 last at least two people dead and we are learning new information about the victims. their names have not been released and both were between the ages of 20 and 30 years old and were residents of [indiscernible] county outpost -buzzards undressed and warriors entirely
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the last five playoff game. >> this is video from the scene on a daily freeway between jackson and broadway 10 pm thursday night someone fire shots from a black suv into the slides porsche [indiscernible] the driver lost control of the car and caused the passenger to be ejected onto the freeway where he was struck by at least one vehicle. both men died of the same. officers said it happened after the playoff game and it. >> they were wearing t-shirts similar to what the fans of the game were wearing summer trying to piece together if they were attendees. there are some other indicators that indicated [indiscernible] we just can't confirm it. >> surveillance the -surveillance video may provide clues for investigators. and oakland, kron4 news racing authorities are checking to see if those two cars were of the arena prior to the freeway
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shooting as they look for additional leads to a suspect or suspects in this deadly shooting. >>cooler and breezy for friday and you can see the camera shaking around and we have clear skies for this evening and overnight and wind speeds are sustained at fortuna fairfield, 16 in concorde, oakland is 13 miles an hour and we have been seeing gusts of 30 out towards the delta and temperatures are on a cooler side, 50s in san francisco, 53 san jose, and we have warmer conditions headed this way and a look at [indiscernible] later. >> still ahead on kron4 news at 11, the man behind the brutal triple stabbing has his day in court. we hear from the woman taking on his case and a deadly
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mystery out of the port of oakland when a man drives his car into the water, the details behind his death and tonight a man who carjacked a woman, and how she managed to escape her captors. captors. >> [ male announcer ] we gave the new e-class some of the most advanced driver systems ever made. stereoscopic vision... distronic plus braking... lane keeping and steering assist... eleven enhanced systems in all. ♪ twelve, counting your adrenaline system. the 2014 e-class. the most intelligent, exhilarating mercedes-benz ever made. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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disclosed it will remain shut down until tomorrow as officials investigate an accident. anybody has been pulled by a truck that went seven straight into the babe the port of oakland. this is been from our partnership with seven news and crews responded and a diver was able to retrieve the victim's body from 50 feet underwater. tonight, the victim was a longshoreman on duty at the time of the accident. >> the longshoreman will be standing down for 24 hours for further investigation of the accident. he was like a dad to all of us, it is a very sad thing that should not have happened and it
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over the next 24 hours. >> no indication of what caused this incident. >> coming up later in the broadcast the sharks was a great playoff [indiscernible] and bay area history. the warriors say goodbye and ken venturi has passed away, the alleged kerry golfer. >> we have lots of sunshine and temperatures on it the cooler side. san mateo in the mid-60s and san francisco, 610 more detail on whether coming this way after the break. >> the san jose police
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department is asking for the public's help tonight of finding a suspect who carjacked a woman this morning outside a denny's restaurant. police say this man carjacked the victim in a parking lot of denny's along [indiscernible] road the victim had just pulled into the lot when she said the suspect opened the door, forced his way into the drivers seat pushing her into the passenger's seat in the suspect sped out of the lot and the victim took action. >>they were traveling 40 miles an hour and the victim decided she was not going to go, she has a better chance of survival she jumps out of the car so that is what she did. >> when police arrived, they
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found the car and dm dialing along sanchez wrote the victim suffered scrapes and bruises but will survive a suspect is 18 to 25 years old, 5'7" tall weighing hundred 50 pounds. >> this into the newsroom authorities have released the names of the victims who were killed in the 880 freeway shooting last night. christopher bearden of pittsburgh and terrance parks of richmond, both victims were shot. they both were killed by gunfire and police are still searching for the suspect in the case. >> a south elementary school teachers under arrest accused of attempting lewd acts with a minor. later works that old orchard school and campbell police say he contacted who he thought was a minor on the internet and agreed to the meeting and it turns out the minor was a police officer posing as a 13- year-old.
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blair was arrested at a san jose park and [indiscernible] santa clara county jail. he had been employed for about a year. interviewed by police a police talk to students to make sure there were no unreported incidents involving him. they also are investigating his previous appointment. >> the first anniversary approaches of the deadly attack that took place after beta breakers laster, police are still searching for the suspects responsible. police releases picture advocacy the victim 30-year-old stephen martin on the far right where he the greenway. place will more information on the man and the 49ers jersey and female lowering the orange tutu. hours after the race and moments after this picture was taken, two groups of people got into an argument over a cell phone and market was punched and he fell and hit his head on the concrete and lost consciousness.
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>> a murder suspect accused of fatally stabbing his mother and nephew and seriously wounding his nieces a violent rampage earlier this week in san jose, appeared in court today. and [indiscernible] was in the court for his perceiving any kind of was his public defender. >> he was shackled at the waist would he enter deparent 23 but his handreand 28- year-old ruben ramirez use of them to cover his face for much of the 10 min. arraignment. he is charged with two counts of murderattempted murder with knife and he faces special circumstances allegation, deputy dist. atty., matt prager. >> special circumstance of multiple murder qualifies him to be eligible for the death penalty but it is sent to make a determination. we have to have a full investigation as well as the defendant's background. >>deputies say he stabbed his 48-year-old mother and his one-
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year-old nephew at their home in east san jose. he stabbed his three-year-old niece who survived the remains hospitalized and he wears a yellow tunic assigned to and mesa psychiatric issues it is no surprise to his attorney says there is a lot to learn about his mental state and how that might figure into his defense. >> part of defendant the client is understanding who he is and he mental health history has very significant to understanding who he is and how we got to this point. >> eventually he lowered his hand and the attorney said he understood the procedure for the client is saying whether he has expressed remorse about his mental state right now. >> he is being hauled-held without bail in san jose, kron4 news. >> a police officer was injured and six people were taken under
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arrest after central state university campus officers tried to clear some intruders from a school dormitory. this is an update to a breaking news story we brought you last night. campus police arrested the man on suspicion of being drunk in public and five more nonstudents three men and two women were inside the residence hall as well. it appears a scuffle broke out police tried to arrest the intruders grade one officer was heard. five were arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest, trespassing, conspiracy and other charges. >> we look forward to warmer weather, this way overnight, expecting clear skies and will be breezy, some low clouds are possible at tomorrow, more sunny conditions, will be warmer and fog should be at a minimum of the next couple of days and by monday we will be getting warm to hot, and right now, there feels 14, concorde
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16 mi./h and temperatures generally in the 50s, we have a 490 reading for pleasanton. so no radar returns about high- pressure or the last couple of days giving us the warmer condition. beta breakers on sunday, the starting line, partly cloudy conditions, i will be cool and i'm not expecting much fog on sunday. as you head over to pastries hill temperature should be in the low 60s and are probably cloudy conditions should be getting milder throughout the morning and afternoon. across golden gate park in an together_ a beach, the finish line looking at mostly sunny skies, temperatures in the low 60s. >> warmer sunday and into monday and monday is the warmest day and it will cool things down by thursday and friday and into the 70s.
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soon after saturday's powerball drawing is worth at least $600 million. it is the second largest jackpot in united states history . a single ticket costs two dollars but the odds of winning the jackpot are slim, one and 175 million. ever since california god, powerball frenzy it has contributed 11% of ticket sales. and we will carry the drive alive tomorrow night at 8 pm. if there is no wonder the jackpot could soar to $1 billion. >> in spores the giants decided to keep the 10 game winning streak against the is alive and a pitching duel, we go to the long ball to over the kansas city royals. highlight an all sports, next. >>
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joined the road trip lose. and [indiscernible] gets beaten up and [indiscernible] gets beaten up in tonight, baumgartner takes one. a grand slam by jordan pachinko 4 2/3, eight hits, nine runs, giants had four errors tonight, they do come back and colorado
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[indiscernible] posey hit a home run, his sixth of tma it 10, nine. the bullpen is set on brandoa 1 winning streak against colorado snapped tonight, and [indiscernible] jarrod parker would be the doctor ordered against kansas city. he works seven innings, four hits and allowed one run and we're even in the bottom of the eighth and adam is going to be a hero of james shields raised the days when tonight, two to one shot out of the bullpen getting the victory they had 14,000 shot out of the bullpen getting the victory they had 14,602 at the coliseum and warrior fans did not want to go home last night. >> we want to thank you guys for your continued support all season. you made this arena a great place to play. and [indiscernible] is unmatched across the league. >> i love that guy, my mom said
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layoff curry, that guy is creepy. enough is enough. harrison barnes last night, take it off the floor, did try to play in the second half but had to leave with a headache. he spoke today. >>i didn't see [indiscernible] i was hurting and [indiscernible] stayed down, stay down. [indiscernible] it is crazy but i'm trying to be here right now. >> barnes will be ready to go next year and basketball hopes [indiscernible] it 20 years, a san francisco original, ken venturi grew up in the city of played collegiate golf at san jose state and one on to in the united states open in 1964,
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directed into the hall of fame 12 days ago for every five years , he would be commentator for cbs sports of mr. venturi passed away at the age of 82. the sharks announced they will not appeal the rest of the series suspension of [indiscernible]. we keep replaying it, they let the game get away. to los angeles goals would give the kings a to nothing lead. what you have to say? >> have to [indiscernible]. >> we played well, we did not win a we thought we deserved better and they did their job and now i have to go home and do our job. >> sharks tomorrow night and tuesday night will be a big weekend a lot of people ask you a my sporting pleasure will be, i will watch the sharks tomorrow night. keep the tv on watch pamela moore on sunday and remember
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tran3. >> good night and have a good weekend everybody. >>
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